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Mission and Vision

Henry Metzger, of Converse, was a principal and upper grade teacher at Converse School from 1921 to 1950. 

Almost a century ago, a dozen large palm trees lined the drive to where the school stood at what is now the FM 1516 and Old Seguin Road intersection. The school was complete with three rooms and an adjacent “teacherage,” where Henry Metzger and his family lived.

No trace of the two buildings exists today, but several of the dozen large palm trees that the Converse School trustees planted are still standing tall. They mark the spot where Henry Metzger led nearly three decades of instruction for generations of the area’s earlier settlers.  

On June 25, 1958, the Bexar County School Board combined the three common school districts of Converse, Kirby, and Selma to form Rural High School District No. 8 which we now know today as Judson ISD. In 2004 Henry Metzger Middle School became the fourth middle school in Judson ISD.